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Died at the Royal Hospital whilst performing his duties as house physician

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Found this grave in the General Cemetery. So much more to find out...

A 23 year old New Zealander who died whilst performing his hospital duties. What do we know about George McFarland and his untimely end?


George McFarland.jpeg

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The British Newspaper Archive doesn't have much on this. There was the advert in the Sheffield Evening Telegraph published: Tuesday 02 September 1902, but it doesn't give much.

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George was the son of Mr William McFarland of Hawera, on the north island of New Zealand. He passed the senior scholarship examination at Wanganui in July 1892 and was top of the list.

George then gained high honours at Wellington College, and from there went to Edinburgh where he studied for his medical degree specialising in Practical Surgery, Systematic Surgery, Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children.  After that he accepted the position of House Surgeon at Sheffield Royal Infirmary. He died following a very brief illness.

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