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The Staffordshire Arms, Burngreave

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As you've probably noticed, the Staffordshire Arms, Sorby Street, has been in the national news as one of two Sheffield pubs to have been shut down for flouting lockdown measures. Not the first time it's hit the headlines either, as I understand, owing to an infamous incident back the '60's.

A little while back I was surprised to find this place had been in the Good Beer Guide back in the '90s, unaware then that there had been something of a real ale scene around Burngreave at the time. A local CAMRA guide from the period describes it as a "Good, clean, back street local with a friendly welcome. Lively atmosphere, an unusual shape with the central bar serving two rooms". It was noted as serving Stones Best off electric dispense.

Back in the fifties & sixties this place got through tenants at a pretty quick pace, but I can find no record of who has run it since 1968 until fairly recent times. This makes me think that it must have been shut at some point, probably around the turn of the century. Can anybody confirm or refute this suspicion? Can anyone offer any intel as to licensees in the latter part of last century? Also, does anyone know when it upgraded from a beer only licence to an all liquor licence?



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