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Is this an authentic signature of the founder of Bennett college In Sheffield?

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I came across this old book and found it signed by the 2A63C693-EB49-48D3-A7B8-9A021582AD97.jpeg.71ac36268499a3c5446e8c0ef18306a3.jpegF92271E4-180F-49DC-8F5F-49E083C6D702.thumb.jpeg.ca8fdddb32509a03f1dfe93d2476299c.jpeg337C8A4C-8B19-45DC-B46D-A6389851AB0A.thumb.jpeg.524caa7e6dd7db2b7d1706db66bc419a.jpegBennett college, Sheffield founder. I was wondering if this is authentic , and of any real  value?1EF8344B-EFB8-4E3B-8C0C-215E7D4D0729.jpeg.25274f6f146cfd238c30fb7b1e129ee4.jpeg

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It certainly looks like the writing on his "Let me be your Father" adverts.  Here is a scan of a wartime Model Engineer which is a slightly different photo to the one you show.  Look at the "F" and the way both "Founder" (in your photo) and "Your" (in mine) both tail off as if he were in too much of a hurry to write correctly.scan.jpg.7f20538e959f8cf2d3cfb7b4a2bdcf3d.jpg

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I remember my dad had several "Bennet College" engineering books....all pre-War.

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