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Sheffield Repertory Company - The Playhouse

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Much of the material on my sites may not be of great interest to Sheffielders per se; but the first two or three pages of this one:


and this one:


are primarily about Patrick McGoohan's career at the Sheffield Playhouse that stood in Townhead Street until about 1970.

They include image-scans of the theatre itself, programmes and players.

I have two books about the Playhouse, one from 1959 and one from 1969 and would be happy to check any facts should anyone have an enquiry. I also have a couple of programmes from pre-war that I chanced upon (1936). I'm also quite keen to know a bit more about Geoffrey Ost who ran the Playhouse from 1937 until it closed down, although he remained an advisor to the new Crucible management.

I have also taken the liberty of starting a wikipedia entry for the Sheffield Repertory Company:


and naturally that is open to anyone to expand/correct.

If anyone has any snippets or anecdotes they would like to discuss, my e-mail is: moor_larkin@yahoo.co.uk

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