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Some Sheffield relatives of Georgiana Sanderson, of Doncaster

Richard Axe

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Georgiana Sanderson died at 29 Christ Church Road, Doncaster, on 29th December 1936. A spinster, she left a tidy sum (for the time) of £8648 12s 9d to a number of relatives, many of whom lived in or around Sheffield. Her will was dated 5th January 1935 and proved at the Principal Registry, London, on 5th January 1937.

Georgiana was born on 7th November 1851 so she lived to be a good age. She was the youngest child born to George Sanderson and Mary Mirfin, also of Doncaster[1]. It was a brother of Georgiana’s, William Sanderson, that came to Sheffield and settled there.

Those local beneficiaries are as follows:

Name                                                             Relation           Address given

Edith Hobson (wife of Edward Hobson)         niece               171 Shirecliffe Lane, Pitsmoor[2]

£700 plus £20 to act as an executor

Annie Petre Peter[3] (£700)                           niece               Park View Terrace, Beighton

William Sanderson                                         nephew           22 Snigg Hill

Albert Sanderson                                           nephew           Glenalmond Road, Ecclesall

H Sanderson[4]                                              nephew           141 Chippinghouse Road, Abbeydale

Harry Sanderson                                            nephew           150 Freedom Road, Walkley

Annie Eliza Axe                                              niece               53 Havelock Square

John Arthur Sanderson                                  nephew           Dunella Road, Wadsley

Lucy Sanderson                                             niece               20 Dunella Road, Wadsley

Robert Sanderson                                          nephew           43 Fentonville Street, Sharrow

Does anyone have any details that might add some colour to these names?


[1] This particular Sanderson branch can be traced to Stainton near Tickhill. A distant relative of Georgiana’s was Richard Sanderson, M.P. for Colchester in the nineteenth century. Those interested in the Sanderson family with its links to the Quaker movement, London finance and more are welcome to read my article, The Family Connections of Richard Sanderson M.P. (1783-1857), on Issuu. There is no cost. https://issuu.com/richardaxeuk/docs/the_family_connections_of_richard_sanderson_m.p.__

[2] Written as number 11 in the will but 171 in the probate grant.

[3] Name and address as written in the will….as yet unidentified. The Beighton link might be due to George and Mary’s marriage, which took place there in 1830.

[4] This was George Herbert Sanderson who died in January 1934

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Hello Richard,

I'm descended from Georgiana's brother William, via his son Harry of 150 Freedom Road. He died there 28/01/1949. His son Albert took over the rent and my mother (his daughter) was born 3 days after her grandfather's death and grew up there through the 50s.

My mum was told some of the family stories and she was aware of the spinster sisters who had run the shop in Doncaster.

They did also talk of Scottish connections but whether that is just because of the origins of the name I'm not sure. I do know from my research that the Sanderson's go back for quite a while in Stainton by Tickhill.

I do have more tidbits about Harry's children from my mother if you're interested.




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I've also had prior contact with a grandson of Robert Sanderson (the youngest nephew). He had some anecdotes and provided his email hasn't changed I could put you in touch.

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Thanks for the information, Marcus. Yes, I'd be interested in more information on the various family members....I've sent you a message via this forum.

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I mentioned in an earlier note that this Sanderson family had come to Sheffield from Stainton, near Tickhill. Another link is evident. The will of William Sanderson of Stainton (proved at York in 1606-7) has one John Sanderson of Thurlstone as supervisor of his will. A daughter of William also married in Bradfield - Elizabeth Sanderson married George Wodhed (Woodhead) on 9th July 1587. It would be unlikely that William of Stainton and John of Thurlstone were unrelated; in turn, that offers the possibility of links to the Sandersons of Midhope and elsewhere.

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