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Dorset Street & Gloucester Street Area

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Hi all, I am new to join here, but have looked around the site at old photos for ages and I've found quite a lot of my questions answered regarding old Sheffield.

I have a couple of questions about the area I have lived all my life. The area in the title that is.

1. Did a Bomb fall on Gloucester Street during WW2? This image from 1950 I've produced from Britain from Above shows a cleared area on each side of the road of Gloucester Street. The maps I have looked at on National Library of Scotland show that the side of the road on Gloucester Street that's closest to Havelock had a full row of terraced housing. I know that there was a Gloucester Place on the other side of the road, but the same maps seem to show it was a narrower opening leading to the square.



2. Does anyone know what the Collection of Buildings was that is now the "Cut Through" from Broomspring Lane to Wilkinson Street (Shown in images below). Again, from 1950



and a bit more zoomed


and a bit more zoomed, but quite blurry.


and from a different perspective (1950)


and a little more zoomed in


I was born in the early 70's and have limited recollection of the area up until the red bricked houses were completed around 1980. I know that a office block once stood here from the early 80's up to circa 2011.

It's hard to tell exactly what it was back in 1950 though. You can see part of the wall where the current last house before the gap is. What is next to it looks like another house, albeit, with very shallow depth and placed slightly forward of it's neighbour and then a series of 2 rows of outbuildings behind the shallow house.

What might they be? Garages, Old Stables, Workshops? They certainly look too small to be little cottages.


3. Also as we are looking down Broomspring Lane on the images above, there was a Fish and Chip Shop I vaguely recall. It was on the right side as we look and between Dorset and Gloucester Street. Does anyone remember the name of it? I'm sure there was a little gap and you went in a door at the side of the building?

Thanks for any help on these. I'll probably have a lot more questions about this area and I'm so glad I discovered Britain from Above as I'd searched for years for images as revealing as these. Such a quirky area around the back of Dorset and into Gloucester Square and quite random house placings, must have been lots of little alleyways leading in to some areas.




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1. Did a Bomb fall on Gloucester Street during WW2?

Yes! and these were just the high explosive bombs.  Incendiary bombs were also in the mix.


These maps from 1951 then 1963 might help



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Thanks @Edmund


I've seen that image with the black dots before but was confused as it appears to show bombs dropped on Dorset Street as well as Glossop Road near the old Hanrahan's Building, but the images I've seen from 1950 (Like my top image) seem to show no bomb damage. The long row of houses on Dorset looks untouched even the ones where the now playground is were untouched. I remember those from being a kid. Havelock Square (Now Hollberry) does look like it received a couple of hits though.

There seems to be quite a few "hits" on that image that don't bear out on the images of 1950 and a lot of the original buildings in those places still stand today.

I like those map images, where did you find those?


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Here's a good image of where all the Hallamshire Hospital and Tree Root Walk areas is, again from 1950.




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