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Possible Sheffield Fattorini & Sons badge

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Anna Pethen

Hi there, I'm trying to find any information on a badge I dug up while gardening in Heeley

Initials read "H S C" and the back text reads "Fattorini & Sons Bradford".

My first guess is that it is a badge from scout or girl guides group ?? but I'm struggling to find anything that matches online.

Does anybody recognise this badge and know what it might be from? And what year?

Purely for interest becuase it is such a pretty thing.

Thanks in advance,




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Sheffield History



That's a great find!

I'm sure someone will know what it is..

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Anna Pethen

I really hope so! It's lovely isn't it!

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1 hour ago, johnm said:

It looks like a Scouts camping badge

Good suggestion johnm!


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Could be  a Girl Guides summer camp badge. Their emblem is a clover/shamrock I believe.

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