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I apologise for starting a new topic but I cannot find the original thread. Someone asked what the company did apart from assemble  Lysander airframes ( a STOL Army Co-Operation type a few of which operated coastal patrols from  Sheffield Aeroclubs airfield at Netherthorpe and later made its name by flying agents in and out of occupied France) The company made Horsa glider wings (  mainly used on D Day and at Arnhem) They made and repaired railway wagons,. They also manufactured aircraft components for:- the Welkin,Barracuda, Lancaster and Lincoln as well as exhaust manifolds for the Merlin engine. They completed;-artillery limbers,gun shields, armoured vehicle gun turrets, ammunition racks,generating plants as well as boring and heat treating a range of gun barrels. An interesting array despite 100,000 sq ft of  the main assembly area being damaged during the Blitz.

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