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MYERS GROVE 1966-1972

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Hi, I went to Hinde House & my form teacher in 4th & 5th year was Geoff Hook. He was a great teacher & well liked  by us all. I believe he want to Myers Grove as head sometime later. Was he there when you were & if so have you any impressons of him &. Here is a photo of him with our 5th year girls shortly before we left in July 1960.


hinde house 5th year  girls with geof hook  abt July1960.jpg

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Hi John - thanks for your response.

I don't recall Mr.Hook being at our school during my time there. In fact, our head was Sir William Hill who my dad new and met with occasionally on some of the PTA meetings. I can remember all of my form and subject teachers and those teachers I knew by sight but who never taught me. Apart from Mr.Hill the most senior teachers were Mr. Hunt as deputy head and later Mr.Yates who held the same role - now all passed on.



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