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Help needed on this old Sheffield club

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Sheffield History


Can anyone help me out here with information on this one?

Was it a nightclub? A gents club? 

Was it called 'playmate' or 'ambassador'?

Anyone got any memories or info on this Charter Square place?

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I seem to recall that it was widely known as "Playmate's" and that it was a night club...a bit like the Fiesta but on a smaller scale and without the big names.

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It was the "Mona Lisa" above the "Genevieve" in Charter Square they had cabaret & the "Birds of Paradise" dancers.   It was very small & I was working downstairs when Billy J Kramer was appearing in "Mona Lisa" no tickets were sold and the staff from "Genevieve" were asked if they'd like to go upstairs to watch him!  You couldn't make if up.  

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