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Old slum housing on Peel Street Broomhill

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Sheffield History

Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 10.44.32.jpg

Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 10.47.07.jpg

Photo of old slum housing on Peel Street in Broomhill, showing J Bower & Co Electrical Engineers and further down it looks like a Kennings Motors garage?

Also check out the red Green Un van in the first photo!

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The JR James Archive has some very interesting photos, some of which are unlabelled and thus present a challenge to the amazing collective knowledge that is SHeffield History Forum

These surprised me when I first saw them last year whilst researching something different, as I never thought of Broomhill as having slums housing such as these on Peel Street. Presumably this is because they had gone by the time I was visiting Broomhill on shopping trips with my mother.

There were actually back to backs,

Extract from OS Map 232

peel street slums.jpg

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Kennings was a Rolls Royce dealer.  Broomhill Telephone Exchange was bang opposite.  When I worked at the exchange in the early 80's I was told a story about the antics of telephone engineers of days gone by:

The Kennings dealership had a flagpole with a Union Jack that was raised during business hours, and lowered when they were closed.  Every morning a gentleman of military bearing would march out from the dealership with the furled flag under one arm.  He would then raise the flag, stand to attention, salute it, and march back into the dealership.  The lads in the telephone exchange clocked this, and one of them brought a bugle into work.  From then on, every morning as the flag was raised, "Reveille" was played through the air vents of the telephone exchange wall.  The military gent was greatly perplexed, as he could never spot anyone around.  This carried on for several weeks, with the gent becoming more and more agitated.  Eventually he gave up and the ritual ceased.

After Kennings left, the building became a cheap supermarket with several small businesses in the entrance, including a butchers, handy for the ingredients for the sausage and tomato sandwiches for the engineers opposite.

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