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Edwards, Reflex & Flares

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Reflex closed in March 2019 to be replaced by The Slug & Lettuce. It was previously Edwards, a period I don't know much about. Before that it was Barkers.

Reflex was connected to the Old Red Lion, according to many people, in its Edwards days. The Old Red Lion closed in the very early 2000s (between 2001-2004) and the space is said to have later became Flares. Flares was definitely housed in the building with Reflex, but never used the Old Red Lion entrance, which remains in place but unused and blacked out. It was also in what is now West Street Live at one time. Flares shut down in roughly 2014.

The Old Red Lion part first housed Tropicana and then Boom, a 90s themed bar, briefly as well. It was Boom as of 2005 but there's pretty much no other information on these.

Edwards, date unknown:


Flares in its previous location at the West Street Hotel, pictured in 2000:


A close-up of Flares window in 2006 - I can't pinpoint the location of this, was it in a different place between West Street Hotel and Reflex? The street sign and reflection should help to pinpoint it?


Reflex and Flares in July 2008, when they still used an entrance onto West Street:


Reflex in 2010. Note that, despite Flares still being part of the venue at this time (according to Reflex stating this closed circa 2014), there's no mention of it anywhere on the venue:


Reflex shortly before closure in 2019:


Reflex under redevelopment after closure in 2019:





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On 09/04/2020 at 20:03, ktlaylay said:

A close-up of Flares window in 2006 - I can't pinpoint the location of this, was it in a different place between West Street Hotel and Reflex?

This is fronting onto carver street - it replaced what was the old millionaires bar and club for a while.

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