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COVID-19 and Sheffield History activity

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Hello everyone,

I know that COVID-19 is a terrible pandemic and it’s killing people in huge numbers across the globe, so this is probably an irreverent statement, but here goes....

I’d be really interested to see the website analytics of Sheffield History, as ever since I joined back in 2014, I’ve never seen the amount of footfall, postings and general activity that the lockdown has brought about. I’m sure others must have noticed that at certain times, days would go by before any posts went up, despite the best efforts of SH admin posting enticing images and leading questions to encourage responses.

Despite going nuts with cabin-fever, having to work from home (and finding I’m doing much longer hours than when in the office) and barely going outdoors, apart from a walk around the block, it’s good to see so much content, dialogue and general interaction between members, who must also be bored to tears and looking for something to stimulate the old grey matter.

Thanks everyone for making for interesting reading and prompting interaction on a subject that is close to all our hearts.

Stay well, be safe and keep those posts coming!!!!! lol

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Sheffield History

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Thank you for the kind words and yeah we've definitely been busier since the lockdown. Thanks mostly to the great work and replies on the threads from those helping out finding locations and photos etc!

Graph is from the last 28 days as you can see it's trending upwards!

I hope you're staying safe and keep an eye on the site as there's loads more to be posted this week and moving forward!


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