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The Copper Kettle on Sheaf Street / Commercial Street

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Sheffield History

Copper Kettle Sheffield.jpg


Sheaf Street from junction with Commercial Street, Granville Hill, right and rear of properties fronting Granville Street, No 41, Copper Kettle Cafe and Sheaf Street Motors Ltd., Car Dealers

Does anyone have any memories of going in the Copper Kettle cafe?

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I remember going in the 'Copper Kettle' on Sheaf Street, not sure of the the year, but I was with a good school mate (Graham C), we had recently been in a nearby fishing tackle shop (there were two on Sheaf Street at that time) to buy some bait/maggots, I do not remember if we had anything to drink in the cafe.

But what I do remember is ordering some sort of cake or bun, I can remember biting into the bun, and it was a bit dry and seemed old!
So, I stuck my finger in the bun, took five or six of the recently bought maggots from my bait box and put them in the hole and left it on the plate.

We then left the cafe laughing, and ran off up Sheaf Streeet, in the direction of the Midland Station.


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