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Petre Street

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Sheffield History

Petre Street.jpg

Petre Street pictured in the 1970's

Does anyone know exactly where this is that we're looking at and what road that's coming onto Petre Street here?

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I think we are looking at 164 Petre Street, at the junction of Lyons Street.

1950s Map 91 looking from the north

164 petre street.jpg

A couple of doors along is the post office with a letter box outside. The post box is still there, but everything else has gone.

From Google Streetview

164 petre street google.jpg

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Sheffield History

Great detective work! 

Such a strange thing that the post box remains when there is no building or activity close by to use it!

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Harry Hodges dozer driver Paddy Lyons pushed a concrete cap off an old pit shaft just beyond that post box, would have swallowed his dozer.

I was later stuck with the job of creating the humps for the landscaping at the side of the road with a Hymac excavator.

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