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Steelwork experiences

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Hi folks, hope everyone is doing well in the present circumstances.

I've read with great interest some of the fascinating accounts in these forums of what life was like to be a steelworker in Sheffield from the late '50s up to the present day - everything from the working conditions to during-shift 'beer breaks'! I am a researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University, although I studied (and lived) in Sheffield over a decade ago and have retained a great love for the city ever since. I just wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in sharing their experiences with me, past or present, for a paper I am writing on the effects of deindustrialisation on men's lives, and their identities. Experiences in Sheffield are unique, insightful and deserve to be documented/remembered! This could be anything from an informal chat over the telephone, or some email exchanges, to something more structured. Any insights offered would be much appreciated, and would remain anonymous of course. Should anyone be at all interested, please let me know and I will give you my email address. Otherwise, thank you for reading anyway!

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Sheffield History

Hi and welcome to the site.

Thanks for your post and appeal for help. I'm sure there will be many along soon to help you out! (I wasn't in that industry).



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