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Fish and Chip shop on Whitworth Lane / Attercliffe Common

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Sheffield History

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 10.03.28.jpg

Who remembers this fish and chip shop in Atterclffe? Is was situated right on the corner of Attercliffe Common and Whitworth Lane in Attercliffe. 

In the background you can also just about see the old Attercliffe Police Station

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Sheffield History

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 10.06.08.jpg

The Chip shop would have been on the left hand corner and the old police station was demolished and the new station built on the right hand side here, on the opposite side of the street from where the chip shop would have been!

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This shop was a big part of my history as my family owned it fro about 1950 to 1962.

First my Grandfather Albert Summerhayes and then his son, my dad, also called Albert !

my dad moved here about 1959 with my mum Edith and me and my brother Barry. 
The picture above is after we left in 1962 as all the terraced houses on Whitworth lane are gone. It may be mid to late sixties ? 
we lived in one small back room and three very small bedrooms above, one over the jennel to a large open yard at the rear.

no bathroom , outside toilet 50 yards away at the top of the yard. Chilly in winter ! No toilet paper either , newspaper only and if it was a Green'un ( sports paper ) the dye came off and you had a green bum ! 
There was a swop shop run by Roy on the opposite corner. He would lend us binoculars and cameras for trips out. I saw the last tram pass in the early sixties. 

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