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Wicker Picture House Cinema

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Paul Worrall


I found these images on a website devoted to Sheffield cinemas.

I worked in Pitsmoor in the mid-70's and travelled back to 'the Lake District' on the 75/76 bus. The banners/posters for Studio 7 were very explicit, 'Virgins doing this that or the other!' or somebody 'Confessing to this that or the other!'.

Wazzie Worrall

image.png.ac4a96cfe977c1c0168331d50c73ce69.png 7


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History dude

It looks like the picture with 5,6,7 has it shut down. With some kind of sale notice on it.

There's now a road passing through the site. So they now only show "road movies".

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Under a slightly new name Lysander is back after an absence of a year or more!

I visited the Wicker Cinema back in the late 1950s to see "Dunkirk" along with a French exchange student. A rather unfortunate choice of film for Pierre especially when the emphasis seemed to be how the French had let us down!


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