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Pub on the Estate?

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In August 1936, Sheffield citizens who, as part of the slum clearance programme, were moving into the new Sheffield Council estates were asked to take part in a referendum. They  were offered the opportunity to vote as to whether they wanted public houses to be built on their estate.

In favour were: Arbourthorne, Manor,  Shiregreen,  Woodthorpe and Wybourn.

Against were:  High Wincobank, Longley and Norwood, Stubbin and Brushes and Wisewood.

I would be interested in any memories from this vote.

Sheffield (Municipal Housing Estates) Referendum Committee (1).jpg

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Malcom Mercer did a piece on this in a Manor Memories booklet in May 1997.

It all started with the ruling in 1928 that there shall be no licensed premises on any Council housing developments. A few years later a vote was defeated that would have allowed them.

A committee was appointed and referendum followed in 1936, except for Woodthorpe (45%) turnout was never above 27%.

The result was the Council would allow ONE on each estate, but since they would cost £55K to build, decide to provide only the land and lease only.  Rules were set down though, tables not a bar, food, beer from two breweries. Good tenants and toilets!! 

The outcome for the Manor was the Manor Hotel in 1939.

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I grew up on Shiregreen ( Low Shire) which when built was one of the biggest  housing estates in Europe. With the exception of the "Penguin" ( which was built in the 50/60s) all of the pubs were on the periphery of the estate...meaning, for some, a nice long walk after a night out!

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