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Memorial to Benjamin Huntsman

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Extract :

After many years of experimenting, he finally perfected his crucible steel process and realised that this process could be used to make superior tools and cutlery. When he tried to interest the local cutlers in using his steel for their products, he had little success.

Huntsman's first clock made using a crucible steel spring

The Sheffield cutlers refused to work with his steel which was harder than that which they were used to. Huntsman then turned his attention to the French who were quick to take advantage of the new steel and bought all his produce.

When the Sheffield cutlers found that their markets were being lost to the superior quality French cutlery, they tried to obtain a government order to prevent Huntsman exporting his crucible steel. Forunately for Sheffield's development, they were unsuccessful in this attempt. Just as Huntsman was contemplating a move to Birmingham, the Sheffield cutlers abandoned their moves to block his steel making business and stated using his steel to make their own products.

The demand for Huntsman's steel increased rapidly and in 1770, he moved his factory to a new site in Attercliffe in the Don Valley. This area later became the main location for the huge special-steel making industry of Sheffield.


There is also a picture of Huntsman's first clock made using a crucible steel spring

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