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The Sportsman, Darnall

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Can anybody give me information about The Sportsman, Darnell ? Age, history, previous landlords/ landlady’s? . 
thank you in advance 

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On 15th January 1867, a die sinker of Worksop Road, Darnall, named William Gray died. On the Boxing Day previously he had been out shooting with friends in Shirecliffe Wood, between Handsworth and Handsworth Woodhouse.  While clambering through the wood he handed his gun to a friend called Joshua Biggin. Unfortunately Biggin was carrying the gun with his finger on the trigger, some twigs caught his hand and the gun went off and Gray was shot in the right leg.  Amputation followed, then suffering, then death from blood poisoning.  Since New Year's Day 1856 William had been married to Elizabeth (nee Shimield) a couple of years younger than him and 32 years of age when he died. Following William's death, Elizabeth turned to the licenced trade, opening the Sportsman's Inn beerhouse, perhaps named in honour of William. Her beer and wine licence was granted in September 1869. In August 1873 she gave up the Sportsman and the licence was transferred to Benjamin Mitchley.

More details about the Sportsman are here:



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I have lived near and used the Sportsman for more than 30 years. Prior to this Billy Calvert the boxer was landlord and the pub sign is a painting of him. In the last 30 years there have been a number of licencees, some of whom I can't remember the surnames, but here is what I can remember. 

Bill and Val Augwain

Jamie Young aka fatpiggymc

Russ Peace and Wendy

Adam and Gary Russell

Carol Williams and Kevin

Another Kevin and his wife who formerly had The Ball


Steve and Craig two brothers

And for the last 11 years until Nov 2019 Paul Frith

Hope this prompts somebody to fill in the gaps. 


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