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Has anyone any information on the following residents of 98 Gell Street, now sadly boarded up, it seems some kind of warehouse belonging to the address was on Conway Street along side, this street was formerly Conway Place and this small street was strange as it seems not to have had many residents on it according to the Sheffield directories.

Anyway the residents of number 98 Gell Street were: 

1862 Perhaps John Hoyle Type Founder.

1879 Mr Walter Clarke  Surgical instrument maker.

1893 Mrs Clarke (Walters widow)

1901 George Berry Brewer

In 1905 it was the Queen Victoria District Nursing home, any information would be a help.





House on Gell Street and Conway Street in 1901 was the home of George Berry Brewer.jpg

Warehouse &  home on Conway Street possible home of William Woollen in 1879.jpg

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I also collected some information in 2008 (about Gell St in general)


98 Gell St
White’s 1901                      Berry George brewer
White’s 1911                      Grainger, Walter Ashworth (, Traveller).
White’s 1919/20               Manoin, George apartments

1881 census

98 Gell Street

Walter CLARKE HM 54 vintner retired NTT Sutton in Ashfield
+ wife, 3 children, servant

1901 census
98 Gell St
George BERRY HM 29 brewer YKS Huddersfield (worker)
Emma Wife Marr 28 Sheffield
Lizzie MACHON Serv Unm 22 general domestic Sheffield

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The Walter Clarke in my original post doesn’t now seem to be the surgical instrument I thought he was, if he was a vintner I should be able to find more about him but it’s a very large house and I thought the Conway Street property was part of the same house.

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John Hoyle lived at nearer the top of Gell Street, he never lived at 98 Gell Street

The house was built by Joshua Ingle, a Quaker brass founder (of the firm Ingle and Trickett) who had business premises at 17 Rockingham street. He was living at 98 Gell street by 1837 (Whites Directory). In February 1825 he sold the premises on West Street that had belonged to his late father, also Joshua Ingle. In May of that year he married Anne Bentley of Leeds, at the Friends Meeting House. In 1849 Joshua donated £5 to the Irish Distress Relief Fund. Joshua died on 4th January 1862 and his wife Ann had died in 1849, he had remarried to Sarah Smith in Brigg in December 1852. The house was put up for sale in March 1863.


In January 1866 when the freehold was auctioned,  Mr George Neill occupied 98 Gell street whilst the attached part in Conway Street was occupied by Mr T Marshall (a solicitor), and Mr Neill ran the retail drapers shop behind No.5 in Conway street. The house was listed as number 42 on the burgess rolls. It appears that the house was designed to be in two parts from the outset.


1871 Walter Clarke, a retired wine merchant was living with wife Betsey (married in 1869) at 42 Gell St (on census schedule is adjacent to Conway Street, Frederick Wilson solicitor living at the next house, Conway Street – probably no 5, part of 98 Gell Street)  In 1881 Walter and Betsey were at 98, with their family Walter (8), Elizabeth Ann (5) and George Frederick (4).In 1881 the other half of the house, 5 Conway street was occupied by William Nelson, an Excise Officer, mostly noted for prosecuting people without dog or servant licences.  Walter died on 3rd December 1885 at his residence 98 Gell Street

In August 1899 George Frederick Clark of 98 Gell street (son of Walter) was charged with being drunk in charge of a horse and trap.

8th December 1903 Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Institute for Nurses opened by Lady Mary Howard. Miss Walmsley, the supervisor, and her four trained nurses were to provide care for the sick poor in their own homes, with only a nominal voluntary payment due.  The intention was to increase the number of nurses to eight.  Within weeks of opening the adjoining house had also been acquired for the home.

1911 Census Walter Ashworth Grainger Traveller (Whites Directory) but it was unoccupied at the census.

August 1914 Edward Stavenow was resident at 98 Gell Street

August 1917 George Mannion was running 98 Gell street as a lodging house. Two of the residents William Edward Livingstone and Annie Thompson, were charged with making false declarations in lodgers registration returns, living as man and wife.

In 1925 Charles Westby Platt, a Clerk at Rodgers in Norfolk street, was living at 98 Gell Street. ( Kellys Directory)



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