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Paul Worrall

Rail & Road Models - 703 Abbeydale Road

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Rail and Road Models – 703 Abbeydale Road.

Renovation work on the Jamie Al-Furqaan Masjid at 703 Abbeydale Road has exposed a previous use for the shop unit when it was Rail & Road Models. I remember R&R Models being open in the early 90’s as I was building a model railway at the time and bought several items from there. In addition, according to my 1954 Kelly Directory it was listed as Thomas C. Bakers. When we lived in the area in the 70’s the shop unit was home to Barkers the Bakers.

Can anyone identify any other uses for the unit?

Wazzie Worrall.

R&R Models.jpg

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In 1900 the Abbey Glen Steam Laundry Company (Coniston Road) was started. The partners were Mr Albert Youle of 703 Abbeydale Road and Councillor George Taylor of Wadsley Grove. A manageress was appointed and business commenced on 19 Nov 1900. A draft advertisement for the business was drawn up:
'The Abbey Glen Laundry has been specially designed and constructed and is now prepared to undertake all classes of laundry work at the lowest prices compatible with the best work. The buildings are commodious, thoroughly ventilated and built on best sanitary principles. Only the latest and most approved machinery has been installed such as will not injure the finest fabrics. No injurious materials of any kind are used in our premises. The proprietors have confidence in respectfully soliciting the support of the public. Price lists on application.'

By 1905 Mr Youle (Laundry Manager and doing well) had moved out of 703, into 19 Knaresborough Road, a stone built semi-detached villa.

Fred Senior started his boot shop at No 703 in 1903 with capital of £23.  The business was doing so well that in 1910 he opened another shop at 990 Abbeydale Road, putting a manager in at 703. However the manager was not competent, and together with illness in the family, this resulted in his bankruptcy in 1911 (he was living at 990 at that time)

At the 1911 Census five rooms of the premises above the lock-up shop, were occupied by Thomas Davies, a Corporation labourer, his wife Matilda, stepson Frederick Royle (a restaurant assistant), stepdaughter Jessie Royle (a laundry assistant) and stepson William Royle ( a schoolboy).

In 1925 Kelly's Directory showed that Walter Samuel Tebbutt was running the shop as a boot dealer. Previously he had worked from 15 Langsdale Road.

In 2003 the planning application was made for use of ground floor as a Madressa (Religious Teaching School) for children.

In 2013 notice was given that the building (named Jamia Al-Furqaan, 703 Abbeydale Road) already certified for worship,  was on 10 January 2013 registered for solemnising marriages.

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