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Sheffield City Police - Police Almanac entries 1858-1901

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As recently promised I have extracted the information relevant to Sheffield City Police contained in copies of some early Police Almanacs that I recently had passed to me.  The early editions of the Almanac gave very little information in relation to the city and borough forces in a lot of cases, and sadly Sheffield was no exception in this respect.  Where there was no change in the information from the previous year I have not repeated it.  Note that until 1869, the chief officer was known as the Head Constable, a common feature of early borough/city police forces at that period.

  • 1858: Force strength was 132 to serve a population of 135,310. 
  • 1859: The Head Constable was Thomas Raynor, up to January 1859 when John Jackson took up the post.  The force strength had increased to 191.   
  • 1862: Head Constable - John Jackson.  Population - 185,157.  Force strengh - 191. 
  • 1863: Force strength - 215 
  • 1864: Force strength - 230   
  • 1865: Force strength - 240 
  • 1866: Force strength - 245   
  • 1867: Head Constable - John Jackson.  Chief Clerk - M.T. England.  Force strength - 250   
  • 1868: Force strength - 260 
  • 1869: Chief Constable - John Jackson.  Chief Clerk - J. England.  Inspectors - J. Rodgers; J. Wilson; F. Otter.  Force strength - 280       
  • 1901: Population - 324,243   Force strength - 465.  Chief Constable - Commander Charles T. Scott.  Deputy Chief Constable - George Mackley, Esq.  Town Clerk - Henry Sayer, Esq.  Magistrates Clerk - C.E. Vickers, Esq.  Inspector Weights & Measures - G.W. Catchpole.  Coroner - D. Wightman, Esq.  Warrant Officer - Superintendent J. Gilley.          Chief Clerk - Superintendent G.H. Barker.  Fire Brigade - Superintendent W. Frost.  Superintendent Detective Department - J.M. Moody.  Central Division - Inspector M. Bridgeman.  Attercliffe Division - Inspector G. Moore.  Brightside Division - Detective Inspector W. Smith.  Broomhill Division - Detective Inspector C. Thompson.  Ecceshall Division - Detective Inspector W. Jackson.  Walkley Division - Detective Inspector J. Goodwin     

The first Head Constable, Thomas Raynor was appointed in 1844, on the formation of the Sheffield Borough Police, as it was known as at that time.  John Jackson, appointed as Head Constable on 1st January 1859, was to serve until 1898.  Commander Charles T. Scott was appointed as Chief Constable in December 1898, and served in this role until 1912.

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