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Sheffield Council Central Supplies

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History dude

Most people outside those who worked for Sheffield Council and anyone connected with organisations that had a strong connection to the Council, have probably never heard of Central Supplies, but the council did have it's own base that supplied materials to the various Council departments. It was located on Staniforth Road in the building, which is now used by the Council's transport depot. I'm assuming that Central Supplies was closed down years ago, as I could find no reference to it on a Google Search before I started this thread. Presumably wiped out by cuts and the splitting off of departments of the Council?

For those that have never heard of it. Central Supplies was basically a warehouse that stocked stuff for schools, stationary for the office staff of the Council departments and loads of other things. It even had it's own printing department that did Council leaflets etc. It's main advantage is that it was cheaper for the departments to get the supplies from there then it was to go to a commercial firm. I personally knew about it from my time running the Manor Mercury community newspaper. We had a community worker by the name of Tony Tingle who worked for Family and Community Services. He was able to use Central Supplies to get the paper and stencils for the Gestetner duplicator we had for printing the paper. I think the paper was half the price of commercial bought ream of paper. All the Sheffield Schools would have got the supplies of art paint, pens, pencils and writing books from there too.

I'm not certain how they now get the supplies for the various departments, but with systems of operation being much more varied and some under private companies, such as cleansing. Having a Central Supplies now would be impossible to operate, I would have thought.     

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