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Bramall Lane Bridge

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1 hour ago, Edmund said:

According to Leader's Reminiscences: "Porter street was a pleasant field road called Ladies' Walk.  There were trees on one side of it, and you crossed the Porter by a foot bridge.  That led into Bramall lane and forward across fields to Heeley" - unfortunately no precise date of this obseravtion is given.

In 1846 an Improvement Act was passed, which amongst other measures included: " Porter street, Porter Bridge, and Brammall lane.  This is a widening  of the Bridge and approach to it, both from Porter street and Bramall lane. The schedule includes very little property"  - so the bridge's name was also Porter Bridge.

The bridge was widened again in 1864, the work started in early Janauary and continued for several months.

Very interesting Edmund! Several bridges across the Porter appear to have simply been called 'Porter Bridge' during the 19th century, however this one is called 'Bramall Lane Bridge' on the 1855 Ordnance Survey map (so shortly after the improvement). Towards the Decathlon end of the bridge there is a join in the stone work which seems to show a different date of construction (although the style remains the same) so the 1864 work reference is interesting!

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Great work  Calvin72, I like the information board. I know from my Grand-kids that young 'uns find it hard to understand how and why Sheffield has changed and it's great to stand on the spot, look at the board and then look around them. As I will probably never be able to see the board or even Sheffield again I wonder if there is any chance of a higher resolution picture of the board please?

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