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Sharrow Lane School Reunion XMAS 2019

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At the end of September only eight people have responded positively to the Christmas Reunion notice. They have paid their deposits and are happy to continue with the event. The negative response comes  in spite of a vigorous show of hands at the last get-together in favour of it. However in view of the negative response I will play no further part in it, nor anything in the future. Sorry.  You cannot expect to have the use of the former School and, in particular, the cafe for free. I don't think the cost of the Christmas lunch was excessive considering the work involved and the disruption to normal day-to-day business. In saying this I do not include the three former pupils who contacted me to say they would like to be there but are currently receiving treatment or are experiencing serious health issues.  They WOULD have liked to be there.   If anyone reading this still wants to be a part of it they should visit the cafe and pay their £5 deposit as soon as possible.   DF

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