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I can vividly remember the Air Raid Siren being tested every month I think it was, in the 1950s just can't recall when the testing ended, the siren was placed on the Arbourthorne school on Craddock Road and with me living down on the Manor it was clearly heard especially when the wind was blowing down from the Arbourthorne . During my pre-school years I attended the nursery just at the bottom corner of the school fields, just at the rear of the garage that was there.

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I've often wondered where all the old air raid sirens went? There must have been loads of them during the war and I assume at least some were retained in case of attack during the cold war. (Is there one in Threads?)

I've only seen two in my whole life. I found one being kept outside a shed at the East Anglia Transport Museum about 20 years ago and a few years back I spotted another on top of a pole near Waterloo Station in London.

But where are the Sheffield examples?

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