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The lost farms of Gleadless Valley

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I noticed yesterday while walking home that despite the loss of the farmers that worked this valley,  their crops are still coming through after around seventy years. The photo shows ears of wheat growing at the side of Gleadless Road just opposite where Newfield farm stood, the wheat isn't a solitary plant there's quite a few growing under the two trees. Just a reminder of a more leisurely life that we have now lost only to be replaced by a horrible environment. You can also see to the right of the wheat wild garlic is growing.


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History dude

A word of caution with anything like wheat and seed plants growing in now heavily populated areas. People feed birds these days and seeds they used are sometimes those type of plants. Indeed we ourselves have seen such plants growing in our garden. But these are down birds and other wildlife dropping them. Not what is left of farms. Not that I am saying that wheat plant is a bird seed dropped. 

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Further to the wheat growing, it's more or less opposite this site that was on the other side of Gleadless Road , photo from Troughs & Wells.

The wheat is growing just beneath the trees off centre left.



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