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Does anyone know when Canon  Ale made by Stones was first brewed?  I have googled around but nothing...

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The earliest reference to Cannon Ales I've been able to find in the newspapers is December 1897, and they were referred to as "celebrated" so probably were available before then.  The advert states "in cask, bottles and on draught".

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According to the site linked to below Green & Hatfield were the first to brew at Cannon Brewery in 1838 and William Stones acquired the brewery in 1912. But Wikipedia says Stones purchased the lease of the Neepsend Brewery in 1868 and renamed it the Cannon Brewery. Does the newspaper advertisement mention the brewers name in  1897 please Edmund  .


EDIT It looks like the linked site is not correct because Picture Sheffield has an image labelled   "Annual horse parade of William Stones Ltd., Cannon Brewery, Date:  09/06/1902"

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The brewer was Stones:


The Cannon Brewery was originally in Acorn Street, see map below. Stones put in a claim after the 1864 Sheffield Flood:



In 1827 Green and Hatfield were brewing at the Neepsend (Burton Road) Brewery, by 1862 they were Shepherd and Hatfield, in 1865 Henry Strouts (originally an East Kent hop family) and Thomas Harryman purchased the brewery - then run as Strouts and Harryman, later Strouts, Harryman and Waterman, but when Charles Waterman left the name reverted to Strouts and Co. Strouts amalgamated with Tennants in 1918. By 1965 the Burton Road buildings were used partly by Stones as garage premises, and partly by Turton Brothers and Matthews as their Magnet Works.

In 1867 Stones built the Rutland Road brewery, across the road from the Neepsend / Burton Road Brewery, taking the established Cannon Brewery name for it. The Acorn Street site was disposed of by early 1868.


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