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Pre-New ringroad section around Corporation Street

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Apologies if there are already topics.


I'll drop a map in at the bottom.

Although I have often gone around Sheffield through the years, taking photos etc. and driving of course every day, however, I can't remember ever having a wander around in this triangle here in the picture (the triangle being Gibraltar /Corporation and Alma Streets) that has all gone for new road. Considering it is fairly new, and use this all the time now, I only really remember using Gibraltar St and Corporation Street to pass through the area.


I've tried looking on Picture Sheffield but the search software on it is rubbish.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some pictures around Russell St/Bower Spring/Water Street?


I'm hoping I'll remember it when I see it.


(I did a film around it in 2005, but went around it, and almost all the buildings were gone by then anyway)


Thanks :)

Screenshot_2019-05-29 Side by side georeferenced maps viewer - Map images - National Library of Scotland.jpg

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also, I might as well be cheeky and ask for another thing! as anyone who reads this thread obviously is interested in this area

They're changing all this area (looks like some widening and junctions alterations), and I can't find any diagrams of that either.


Anyone happen to have a link?

(these types of things used to be in the Star, but no longer get it)



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