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TEACHERS COLLEGE on Pinstone Street ?

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This postcard on Ebay is labelled "Pinstone Street and Town Hall and Teachers College."   I have never come across this college before so my question is  where is the teachers college on this photo' , and does anyone have information about the place?

Also do I see a push bike and sidecar or is it something else?



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The Teachers Training College was in the Montgomery Hall and is not in fact visible on the postcard, it's hidden by the Town Hall.

The Montgomery Hall was built by the Sheffield Sunday School Union and they ran the college. The first Teacher Training College had been set up by the London Sunday School Union in 1871, In its first term October 1900 - September 1901 89 pupils were entered for the examinations at the Sheffield College.  William Slack of 31 Cavendish Street was the Hon. Secretary of the college. The students studied:

Course A - Principles and Art of Teaching

Course B - The Bible: Its Structure and Characteristics (Old Testament)

Course C - The Bible: Its Structure and Characteristics (New Testament)

Course D - Christian Evidences

Course E - Scripture, history and doctrine


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