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Durham Duplex safety razor. made in Sheffield.

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Not a type of razor I have come across before, made by a company that has gone through many changes but is still going strong.

“Durham Razor Company Inc. was founded in New York and set up manufacturing in Mystic New Jersey to make the revolutionary Durham-Duplex safety razor system, which is where the unusual name comes from. This innovative product was considered to be a major advancement in shaving especially in comparison to the traditional cut throat razor. The Durham double edge steel razor blade could be re-sharpened on the strop almost indefinitely, but eventually they could be disposed of and replaced without needing a new handle - offering both a considerable saving and a safe way to shave.

Durham-Duplex Razor Blade Company Ltd was registered in the UK on 11th May 1910 and the European Manufacturing plant was set up in Sheffield where it has been ever since. Initially set up to feed just UK and France the plant established its quality so quickly, thanks to the skills of the Sheffield work force, that soon it also shipped back to America and Canada. The Trade Mark Durham Duplex has been owned in UK since 1910 and protected since 1927."

EDIT -- Anyone actually used one of these ?   I have tried a cut throat, but didn't trust my own hand, and also a Rolls Razor which I still have, it was given to me nearly sixty years ago and is still in good working order..

Full history here --------  http://www.durham-duplex.co.uk/timeline/   -------------- website here -------------  https://www.durham-duplex.co.uk/  --------- Ebay link here -------  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273832902005?ul_noapp=true


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