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Ring Road and Kelham Island 2005

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I've been uploading my old Sheffield footage again, with slightly better editing this time. I drove around Kelham Island earlier, and linked this to my new postings in here :)

I'm glad I found this old recording from 2005. Although it's not exactly ancient history, I was originally just recording sections of the old ring road, but on way home, had decided to drive around Kelham Island - and glad I did now!

It really shows the difference. I remember that the Alfred Beckett building being one of the first to be 'done up'. It reminds me that when I drove around there that it seemed like a risk to buy there, but could pay off (as I seen Manc/Birm old areas revamped), and if the area was done up well it would work. 

- I was disappointed recently though, that the building on Green Lane (before the old school building - on the right - in the film) didn't at least retain the front. (it's currently in building process - this one)


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This is what the building was before, on google screen shots...


certainly the building front, on the nearest building could have been retained (Green Lane/Dunfields)

I'd be stricter with planning permission around there. It's looking good and popular, but that's because of the old buildings done up. Some I agree done well, and no value in old building. I'd don't want to see more of these go though.




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