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Sterling Silver Sheffield 1967 Francis Howard Teaspoon 10.5cm in length

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This spoon on Ebay has an unusual design which I don't think I have seen before. It's good to see that this firm, established in 1870, is still going strong at the Aberdeen Works on Trafalgar Street. Any observations on the spoon design please and I also wondered how the works got it's name?           --------------------


Sterling Silver Sheffield 1967 Francis Howard Teaspoon.jpg

Sterling Silver Sheffield 1967 Francis Howard Teaspoon_3.jpg


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In January 1870 the partnership of Francis Howard, Joseph Batt and Thomas Batt was dissolved. They had been making silver-plated German metals goods at their works in Charlotte Street under the name William Batt and sons. He immediately commenced manufacturing electro-plated goods under his own name at the West End Works, West Street. According to the firm's website they moved into the Aberdeen Works in 1873. A good proportion of the firm's trade was in Scotland and Howard himself did much of the sales travelling. By 1881 he was living at 1 Netherfield Terrace, Water Lane, Nether Green and was an Overseer of the Poor for Upper Hallam. He also paid the rent of a cottage at Brook House Hill to be used by the Church of England Temperance Society. At the 1901 census he was living at 9 Storth Lane. He had a serious illness around 1903 but although he recovered he was not the same, and died in Bridlington in June 1905, and was buried at Fulwood Cemetery.

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