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Nigel Bundy

Unusual sized Joseph Rodgers Knife

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Nigel Bundy

knife3.thumb.jpg.983475a13dc22710b061f54de3f56411.jpgknife2.thumb.jpg.a572a27ee8a571e5a82e6a7fc2216f85.jpgknife2.thumb.jpg.a572a27ee8a571e5a82e6a7fc2216f85.jpgHis knife has been in my family of as long as I can remember. It has Joseph Rodgers on the blade. All the knifes like it on the internet are much shorter. This knife is 272mm (10 3/4 ") in total long. The blade is 125mm(5") long and the handle is 147mm (5 3/4") long. It is much bigger than a pocket knife, what is it? Also how old is it? It seems to be in good condition.

Nigel Bundyknife2.thumb.jpg.a572a27ee8a571e5a82e6a7fc2216f85.jpgknife5.thumb.jpg.82455510bd96ff104541a53b82ae86f7.jpg 

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