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Abraham Brooksbank

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Can any one help me with this poser, I'm trying to find the exact house on Collegiate Crescent where Abraham Brooksbank lived in 1862, he is listed in the 1862 directory but the area was just named Broomhall Park so there's no house numbers. Sorry the pictures a bit iffy.



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Not easy, as most of the inhabitants moved house between census dates, building new properties was in full swing and house numbers were thought beneath the occupants' dignity.

The 1861 census shows:


Southbourne Lane looks like a mistake by the enumerator, as even in the 1857 Whites directory Abram thought he lived on Park Lane, 


Here's a series of maps - my thoughts are that he lived at one of the houses at the junction of Park Lane and Collegiate Cresent




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By August 1862 Abram was planning to move out, and had left by 18th September.  At that point the house was called "Park Elms" now it's number 3 Park Lane



However... a few weeks previously in July the property seems to have been occupied by Mrs Bradbury, a neighbour of Abram's when the census was taken in 1861.  Musical chairs with rented houses perhaps, as new ones were being built and enticed people to swap between them?


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What can I say, the information posted is just fantastic and exactly what i was looking for and with your permission I would like to use it in my article with a mention from where it came from.

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