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Dronfield Isolation Hospital

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I know it's not quite Sheffield but was hoping somebody might be able to help.


I'm trying to find the grave of a relative who died in 1923. Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a dead end now.


I have a copy of his death certificate and he died in December 1923, aged 19, in Dronfield Isolation Hospital, from typhoid fever. The rest of his family, his parents (my great grandparents), and brothers etc are all buried in Dronfield Cemetery. They died considerably later than he did though.


I've tried searching newspaper archives for any funeral announcements, have tried ancestry, phoned Dronfield Cemetery, St John the Baptist church, visited and tried to find the grave and got a copy of his death cert hoping that might have some clues. Unfortunately, I'm none the wiser about finding where his grave is.


Does anybody have any ideas if people who died at Dronfield Isolation Hospital in the 1920's would have had a "normal" funeral or were they buried elsewhere?


Any other suggestions also welcome!




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As you probably know the cemetery at Dronfield is away from the church on Cemetery Road. A few years ago my son's employer was asked to dig some new graves in the cemetery. Unfortunately the place he was asked to dig one of the graves turned out to be already occupied! He had to fill it in rather rapidly. From this I would suggest that the operator of the cemetery does not have the full details of the burials there.

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