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Division Street Fire Station

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The building that housed the old Central Fire Station on Division Street is now Bungalow and Bears Bar.

My grandad, Len ‘Darkie’ Drayton, always told me there was a plaque on the wall for him in there and I’ve had this confirmed recently by a much younger ex-firefighter.

i wondered if there was anyone else out there who had seen it and possible even had a picture.  

My grandad is pictured in a number of old Sheffield history books as he was a fireman during WW2. He had a dark complexion and moustache and can easily be spotted.  

He always had many tales to tell of his adventures which kept us amused for hours. He went on to work for Footprint Tools for many years until his retirement.  

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2 hours ago, RLongden said:

I thought he might have got a mention on here, but it seems not?


I may have missed his name, but this is the WWII page and I looked two sections back and two forward...

Maybe you ought to write to them and send them some info', as it seems your grandad has been overlooked? 

Thanks for this.  I think you’re right, I’m going to write to them with a copy of his picture from the books.  He travelled to Hull and other places throughout the war as well as working on domestic fires in Sheffield.  I think I need to go to the pub and ask I if I can snoop round behind the scenes. I just hope it is still there.


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No problem. A friend of a friend in the next village runs this site, so let me know if you need some contact details...

Your grandad should get the recognition he deserves, as these guys did (and still do) a fantastic job!

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