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Bertha Edley

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Hi I am researching Bertha Edley born 1894 daughter of William and Esther Edley Sheffield does anyone know of her marriage and death?

Thank you Regards

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In September 1927 Thomas Ernest Middleton of 2 Popple Street Pitsmoor collided with a car at Scarborough whilst riding his motorcycle, and was hospitalised.

In September 1931 Bertha and Thomas' Garden won a 1st prize in the Brighter Sheffield competition, and also won the Lockwood cup for his front garden in October of that year.  In 1932 Thomas advertised that he provided garden services and in September won the Atkin Brothers cup for the best front garden (Brighter Sheffield competition)


Following Thomas' death due to illness in 1934, Bertha MAY have married George L Trimm in quarter 1 1936

OR more likely in my opinion due to the date of birth, she may have remained unmarried and was the Bertha Middleton born 1st August 1894 died in quarter 3 1974.  I can't see her on the 1939 census.  It may need sight of marriage or death certificates to prove it

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George and Bertha TRIMM were living at 2 Popple Street in 1939!
They both died in Rother Valley RD, Bertha in 1972.  Bertha's birth date given then as 1 Jul 1894 (wrongly listed as 1893 in 1939)


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Hi thank you very much for the information Edmund and Hugh.

I will  get the birth and marriage certificates and hope to discover more of our ancestors.

The photo of the garden and information about it, is very  interesting,.

Regards Jean 

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