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Can anyone solve this Darnall mystery?

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Someone has just posted on the Sheffield History facebook (grrrr) group this picture:


This is Hiram Cheetham, born 1857 so it is guessed the picture is between 1877 (he would be aged 20) and 1939 (the year of his death).

What's confusing me is that it is believed by the poster this is 197 Main Road Darnall. White's Directory of 1905  says "Cheeham, H, Greengrocer, 197 Main Road Darnall" which I'm guessing is where this info comes from.

197 Main Road is the old NatWest bank and looks nothing like the same building:


(The old bank is the curved building on the corner, shown here as a post office back in 2008).

Anyone any clues? Did the grocer's building predate the bank? I always thought the bank had been there as long as modern Darnall? I think my family used to still call it the Penny Bank, but my memory might have distorted that.

I'm now thinking that the original picture is somewhere else entirely and Mr Cheetham moved before or after 1905. Can anyone recognise the building?


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Quite right.   It was the Yorkshire Penny Bank from the start and was my first bank from somewhere about  1936/7.  We used the branch at the top of Barber Road ( now I believe a different bank) till a move  to the Hunters Bar branch at the beginning of the war. That i remember as being very modern for it's day, all polished stone and chrome plate. 

I left Sheffield and the bank in 1959, their centenary year, at which point the word "Penny" was dropped fron the title, not without some comment, The reason given was that initially deposits of one or a few pennies were encouraged, probably all that could be spared in those days but which was no longer appropriate. Thinking back however  I cannot remember any suggestion of a minimum deposit being laid down.

It has had several changes of owners since then and is now associated with Virgin Money. The suggestion is that there will be full integration so that presumably in a few  years time there will be a post enquiring whether there was such a bank and asking fo recollections



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Excellent replies, thanks.

So I think the map is implying that the shop was indeed a different building, and the bank was built later?

I'm not sure how accurate old maps are with buildings, but the jagged shape is evident in the 1921 OS map, and on 1935 its the smooth rounded shape of today's building.

I'm not very good with architecture, but that building in my second picture looks Victorian to me, I'd have dated in the 1800s. But the evidence is showing it was maybe late 1920's?

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Several picture sheffield images have been uncovered on the facebook group - kicking myself I didn't think of that.


So, mystery solved. The building next to the shop with the Oxo advert (which is now Paddy Power's bookmakers) is still there, but obviously the Penny Bank was built in the early 20th century. I still think it looks much older!

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