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I'm looking for any help regarding Florent Leon Puinot (Purnot in some documents-likely transcription error). He married Dorothy Harrison in 1943 when they were living in the Crookes area. Other than this I have little to go on. He changed his name to Anthony Peter Wentworth around 1946-48 but nobody knows why. There is some suggestion that he was originally from London but nothing confirmed. Any help gratefully received

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The death index lists the birth date of Anthony Peter WENTWORTH as 21 May 1919.

His birth entry and marriage of his parents:

GRO Births JUN Qtr 1919
PURNOT Florent L  (mmn POOLE)   
Pancras  1b 58

GRO Marriages DEC Qtr 1918  
ancras  1b 188 

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Thank you 

I already have this info but I am stuck once I get to his parents and tracing back further. I strongly suspect I need to look abroad but don't have the facility to do that currently. I suppose I was hoping someone local might have known him enough to supply a few clues, like why he changed his name for instance

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Florent Leon Puinot

United Kingdom, Merchant Navy Seamen Records, 1835-1941
Name: Florent Leon Puinot
Event Type: Military Service
Event Year Range: 1921-1941
Event Place: United Kingdom
Birthplace: London
Birth Year:



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