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My aunts, Dora Footitt, and Nellie Mason with their husbands, lived on Hicks Road until the row houses were demolished. They were moved to a huge block of flats, where I visited them in 1974. I remember there was a playground with a metal slide there. I don't remember much else, and am not sure when the row houses were demolished. I last saw them on Hicks Road in 1968...I have searched for information on when the row houses were demolished, but have had no luck. Does anybody out there have any information? Thank you!

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Looking at maps of the location, from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s,  Hicks Road, along with Fawley and Woodgrove, appear to have been demolished between 1969 and 1973. The area looks to have been redeveloped pretty quickly, as all the units are built by the time the latest map is drawn - The three units that still stand, between the Lexus Garage and Hillfoot Bridge, between the new and old Penistone Road. The old WMC also looks to be still standing though, as a paints and coatings supplier

Hopefully the photos on P.S. will bring back some memories and it may well be that your Aunts were rehoused into the Kelvin Flats complex? It’s not that far away and maybe the photos of these on P.S. look familiar too?






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Thank you so much for all this! Very exciting to see these photos.Very nice of you to look into all this for me... I remember very clearly the place on HIcks Road, but still uncertain as to whether it was Kelvin Flats that they moved to, although I do remember a playground that I could see from their landing, and I do believe the doors were different colours, and I do remember walking up a big hill when we left the flats to go to the shops...and the smell of hops!!!


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