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Mosborough - The Physical Plan

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Looking through my copy of ‘Sheffield - Emerging City’, I was drawn to the map of Mosborough and the surrounding area. During the post-war regeneration programme of the 50s and 60s, this is how our council planning department visualised how the City of Sheffield could be expanded to the South and East, once the county boundary with Derbyshire was redrawn in 1967.

By developing the ‘Mosborough Townships’ (god, I hate that terminology, it sounds like the South African ghettos!), an area of essentially green belt and farming land could be developed to provide housing, shopping, leisure, education and industry, whilst still retaining a ‘garden city’ feel. This area had Woodhouse, Killamarsh, Eckington and Mosborough to the North, East, South and West respectively, zoned out into the areas shown in the map key.

Being a native of this area, it’s very interesting to see which areas were developed according to the plan, which were developed for different uses and how many of the roads, footpaths and other elements of this vision of the future, made it off the drawing board?!

The map as of 1969 is visible in the background as a watermark and may not show through on this image, but it’s really interesting to see how the area could have been so different.

Lake Crystal Peaks as a centrepiece? Just dam up Ochre Dyke! :)


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Thanks RL...I too am a resident of our "New Town" and the plan is very interesting...as is the fact that the "New Town" was built without the convenience of an Act of Parliament...or so I was told when studying urban development at the time the area was being developed and Crystal Peaks was still in the planning. I like the areas of housing and those scheduled for "more expensive housing"

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