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Hi. I have recently acquired a pocket watch, probably new 1920-30. The face is marked "Pleasance Sheffield". Normally, this is the mark of the retailer but I cannot find a shop of that name that sold watches. Can anyone help please?

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Did you buy it off a bloke in a pub? -


The Pleasance family had several premises in Sheffield between 1900 and 1930 - including 76 Pinstone Street, 56 Fargate and 60 Fargate.

Charles Ross Pleasance was the first, originally from Birmingham then Bristol, followed into the business by his son Ernest Saville Pleasance and then grandson Vincent Ross Pleasance.  Pleasance and Son were liquidated in 1932.

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Judith Pleasance

So interesting. Vincent Ross Pleasance was my grandfather - so the other two were obviously also family. I knew there was a shop but didn’t know there were several. 

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