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Peter Hall

South Yorkshire Transport Trust Open Days

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Last July the South Yorkshire Transport Trust held its first  Open Day at its Eastwood, Rotherham premises. Although very well attended, many who would have liked to have visited were not aware of its happening.  Fortunately another Open Day is being held this coming Sunday, 22nd July.   See  http://www.sytt.org.uk/summer-open-day  for further details.  An impressive collection of buses that operated in South Yorkshire during the glory days of the SYPTE era (1974-86) are housed at Eastwood as well as from earlier and later eras.  In addition other vehicles with local connections are expected to be making an appearance during the day.

The South Yorkshire Transport Trust is on a completely different site to the South Yorkshire Transport Museum https://sytm.co.uk/index.html which is close by and has Open Days monthly throughout the year.  This also has an impressive collection of buses that operated in the locality. 


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Whilst browsing in W H Smith's  magazine racks (Transport Section) I noticed a small cover picture of a Sheffield Transport bus (No. 116) so had a quick browse  of the magazine's content (as you do!). Suffice to say I purchased this "Bus&Coach Preservation" magazine February 2019 issue ( Vol 21 No.9) £4-75 as it contained a 5-page article relating to preservation work being undertaken at the South Yorkshire Transport Museum. In addition there are 3-pages of Sheffield Regents pictures and on the inside front cover three Rotherham DD's as a bonus for local (also distant) enthusiasts.

http://www.presbuspublishing.com/bcp.php might be of interest, though may be due an update as the shelf price has increased from that quoted. It's the first time I've bought this magazine, it has 64 pages of content plus advertisement pages at the end.

ps, No, I don't work for them!

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