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Wensley street Firth Park near old Firth Park Hotel

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Hi I’m trying to trace a photograph or the address for my mother who was born in this area on 27th April 1953 . Her parents were George Wright and Majorie Wright who then moved to Shiregreen and lived on Butterwhaite road Shiregreen .If anyone has any photos or details of the area it would be greatly appreciated. I believe she was born in pre fab on Wesley street 

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I think you mean Wensley Street.  Link to photos: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?searchterms=&action=search&keywords=Keywords%3BMATCHES%3B(^|+%2B)Wensley_Street(%24|+%2B)%3B

To get the number of their house, try ringing or emailing the Sheffield Archives on Shoreham Street, and ask them if they'll look it up in the Rates Book for 1953/4

Here's the OS map 1954 map: Map_61__watermk__upload.jpg

Possibly an elder brother?:  WRIGHT, Michael George (of S6 134 Newman Rd, born 1948-05-26).    Baptised June 20, 1948, by J Lyth at St Thomas, Wincobank.  Parents name(s) are Marjorie & George (General Maker)

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