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Sheffield Transport Print.

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It somehow doesn't quite look right! ....It seems to be an an impression  based on a photo ... the Telegraph and Star tower looks to be too tall....but it does show a vibrant city centre with its vital transport links very apparent . Note, none of the vehicles are carrying adverts as the City was reluctant for many years for its transport to carry such "capitalist" trappings. It also shows a city centre before the one way systems were introduced!

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It’s not far off though and a great painting, capturing the movement and vibrancy of the city, as you say.

Looking at photos of the vicinity and approximate date of the painting, it is quite true to detail, with the tramlines, road markings and buildings.

Much better than I could ever hope to paint, given I am in no way endowed with any artistic talent whatsoever!

Hats off to Mr / Ms G. S. Cooper!



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Looking at the link posted by ‘boginspro’, I did some further research and it’s clear that George Sidney Cooper was a huge talent in the world of transport art...

In addition to the scene in this post, there are two other images of various buses and trams, operated by Sheffield Transportation, which are fabulous in their detail and reality...



And here’s a link to the main page, about the man himself and an index to numerous other collections of images, all hugely impressive...


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