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When I was 2, I left my Goldy Teddy on the bus as we got off in town to go to Grandmas. Realising it after the bus had gone, Mum and I went to the Bus Depot to report it. We left our name and address, and also my Dad's name, as he was a Bus Driver at the time. Sadly ! It was never handed in. - When my Daughter was 4, she left her little shopping bag on the bus. It was special to her, as my Mum (Nanna) had made it for her, she took it everywhere, and when she realised she'd left it she was so upset. Mum, myself and my Daughter waited 40mins at the bus stop for the bus to return. When it did, the Bus Conductor seeing my Daughter, stood at the door with a big smile, and he said to her, " I THINK I'VE GOT SOMETHING FOR THIS LITTLE LADY ". She ran up, gave him a big hug and thankyou. He said he remembered seeing her holding it when he came for our Bus Fair. ( How good was that to take notice of ) - I have often wondered how many LOST TOYS are returned to their owners, where ever they have been lost.

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