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Hi folks.havn't been around for a while .father-in-law passed away.Lovely guy didn't quite make 89 but been waiting two long years to join the love of his life .So there together again which where he wanted to be .well on to a small difficulty I have .brought this little knife yesterday and am trying to gain information on it. done a little research myself but come up with nothing.I don't really know if it's Sheffield or not .It's about 60mm long when closed has 2blades with brass bolsters and faux tortoishall scales and a pearl in the end .It has come off a string of pearls as there are holes in it so don't know if it originally was apearl inset.As you can see on the photos of the tang it has BUTT with a 4  above it and another word above that which I can't make out .Please help if you can .thanks .Adrian .






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